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“Chatty Therapy has been working with our school for a number of years and has become integral to our teaching and learning offer. A significant proportion of our children start school with language delay and the work we do with Chatty Therapy helps us to ensure that children are able to actively develop their language skills. In addition to children’s development, our staff have also learned a repertoire of skills through working alongside our therapist, making delivery of subsequent interventions much more productive. We’re really happy with our partnership and even though money is tight, we prioritise our work with Chatty Therapy because we know it works.”

Mr Martin Flute, Headteacher
Latchford St James Primary School, Warrington

“Really helpful information on identifying different types of stammering.  Explained well and easy to understand.  Useful tips on how to help children/large groups etc.”

Lauren – Oakwood Avenue Primary, Warrrington, who attended “stammering in the classroom” training

Good value support which gets results.

Chatty Therapy can provide speech and language therapist in schools or nurseries with an effective and flexible speech and language service. Our therapists are highly trained, committed and passionate people who care about your school/nursery and the children attending who need extra help and have been providing services to the education sector across the North West for over twelve years.

We provide regular input – weekly or fortnightly – and we work with children and staff to support children with the following difficulties:

  • Attention and listening
  • Understanding language and following instructions
  • Poor vocabulary
  • Limited spoken language or poor grammar
  • Poor speech sound development
  • Stammering
  • Selective mutism
  • Social and communication difficulties

We work in the following way:

  • using formal and informal assessments to identify a child’s needs
  • producing a management plan for working with each child with measurable goals and targets
  • providing strategies and advice to staff for individual children and whole classroom approaches
  • encouraging staff to watch therapy and assessment sessions to develop their confidence and understanding
  • providing inset, staff meeting and intervention training for staff

What you get:

  • A regular speech and language therapist who your staff will get to know
  • Flexibility about how your school needs to use a speech and language therapist
  • No waiting lists
  • Quick turnaround of assessments, reports and programmes – usually within one or two weeks
  • Supervision and training for staff to help understand the child and the process
  • Much more confident staff
  • Staff who become speech and language champions
  • Therapist will help with specialist input but also advice on universal strategies to help all
  • Therapist can liaise with NHS Speech and Language Therapists
  • Therapist can provide reports or attend meetings about children if required

We are licensed providers for ELKLAN training and ICAN to support schools and nurseries with the accreditation process for becoming ‘Communication Friendly’. We also rovide a full range of ELKLAN training packages and ICAN Early Talkboost, KS1 Talkboost and KS2 Talkboost interventions.

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Lovely to see schools renewing their subscription to "Chatty Words - Early". So glad it is actively helping children catch up their vocabulary at a time when their opportunities for learning have been so limited...

Thank you to schools who have recently purchased “Chatty Words Early”. A new vocabulary software for children aged 3 to 6 years. Hope you all enjoy being able to test/screen and teach 180 early nouns @AldermanBolton @BrooksideEP @StMarysBB18 @BewseyLodge

Autism in girls can look quite different from what we often see in boys. Eloise explains how she coped with her difficulties:

Second week of launching vocabulary software Chatty Words. Trying to close the vocabulary gap with young children. 180 specially designed nouns with research-based approach to learning. Headteachers seem very keen so far #vocabulary

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